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The processing of this data Our article sets out to organize the known old and new data regarding the evolution of Babadag culture, mainly in Dobrudja, insisting on the types of settlements, funerary practices, crafts and food production. It all led to new chronological conclusions based both on the analysis of materials and on the new stratigraphic observations from Babadag settlement.

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We also paid special attention to the sites on the Black Sea shore at the time the Greek colonies were founded. In our opinion, the principles used by S. Morintz to define the three phases of evolution of the Babadag settlement and culture represent an incorrect interpretation of fata singura caut barbat in valjevo of the eponymous settlement.

As a matter of fact, the dating babadag of these characteristics is also emphasized by the cases encountered in the other settlements of Babadag cultures, where the three decoration techniques — used by S. This type of decoration appears less on type A vessels, but more often on cups and on the rim of bowls — types of vessels that appear in all the layers of Babadag settlement; however, grooved cups become more frequent.

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Under these circumstances, we may consider the Babadag culture to have occurred entirely within the impressed pottery cultural horizon where S. The stratigraphy contacte femei fălești Bababag, with the six layers identified in older and more recent investigations is far from proving the overlapping of criteria presented by S.

Morintz, but rather indicates that, by the end of Babadag culture, the decoration of vessels becomes significantly scarcer, while the types of vessels and decoration patters are generally the same.

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According to the analysis of the chronologic evolution and the relations with the previous, contemporaneous and subsequent cultural contexts, we may consider that Babadag culture in Dobrudja probably directly follows Coslogeni culture that ended in the 11th c. Most information dates Babadag culture from the 10th-9th c.

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BC, when the related groups were also dated. To this effect we can mention — with certain reservations regarding the conditions of discovery — the pyxis lid from Babadag that B. Hänsel considers similar to the lid found in burial no. BCfound in a vessel specific to Babadag culture and probably in a dating babadag of Babadag culture — as B.

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Hänsel presumed. A bronze sheet bracelet with longitudinal ribs found in the site from Babadag but with unknown stratigraphic context, as well as similar items from Babadag culture settlements from Platoneşti—Valea Babii and Ţăndărei associated with impressed pottery point out to the same time interval.

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To these we may add the button sickle Knopfsichlen found in the settlement from Platoneşti—Valea Babii, which can be ascribed to Cenadu Mare—Şpălnaca I type, according to  M. Among the fibulae found in a clear context in Babadag culture settlements, two iron items from Revărsarea—Dealul Tichileşti, dated dating babadag the 10th-9th c. BC, are of special importance.

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  • Bine aţi venit pe site-ul oficial al Primăriei Oraşului Babadag Asezata la rascrucea a doua drumuri, dintre care unul unea Marea Nordului cu Marea Neagra strabatand Europa centrala iar celalalt porturile Meditarenei orientale cu ale stepelor pontice, istoria i-a harazit Dobrogei de-a lungul timpului o soarta zbuciumata.
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The contemporaneity of Babadag culture with the grooved pottery horizon from Walachia and Moldavia as of 10th c. BC is also proven by the presence of impressed pottery fragments specific to Babadag culture in the settlement from Dridu—La Metereze where there is also a bronze items hoard dated to Ha B1.

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A phase of coexistence of impressed pottery Babadag and Cozia cultures with grooved pottery is dating babadag out by the finds from Bucu—Pochină, which look contemporaneous with the last stage of Sboryanovo necropolis where impressed pottery was found dated to the end of the 10th c.

At this time, we may determine the end of Babadag culture about mid 7th c.

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BC, most likely early 7th c. Thus, in our opinion, Babadag culture no longer existed when the first Greek colonists arrived.

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The oldest Greek colony on the western coast and probably in the entire Black Sea basin seems to have been Istros, dating babadag by Milesian colonists around mid 7th c. BC, sometime around BC. The oldest finds from Orgame have approx. There, besides some ceramic fragments from Middle Wild Goat I series, datable to the third quarter of the 7th c.

BC, a burial ground datable around BC was also investigated.